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Great New Line of Garb... possibly a no sew Pensic!

Poster: "Maude Brossoie" <maude@erols.com>

Oiyez, Oiyez, Oiyez!  Casta Diva ( castadiv@iamdigex.net phone
703-938-5359 ) is taking her act on the road  with NEW line of goodies just
perfect for the SCA, for instance:  FOR THE LADIES  CHEMISES from sublimely
simple to the truly feminine with delicate lace accents and trims... with
prices and sizes to suit every pocket and figure.  The chemises come in
white, cream, as well as vibrant colors... Chemises are made of natural
fibers-cottons and silks.  Yes SILKS! And at REASONABLE prices. New and
Exciting!!!  The "Dangerous Beauty" chemise!!!    For ladies who wish to
look really alluring there are Fully Boned BODICES/CORSETS in brocades,
silk, and leather. Casta Diva also has 100% cotton, knee-length PANTALOONS
for a truly comfortable PENSIC.  And for our friends with Mid-Eastern
personae, there are HAREEMS in black chiffon and white cotton organdy, as
well as a variety of luscious colors.
And Now FOR THE GENTLEMEN:  DOUBLETS: all new fancies and new fencing
sleeveless DOUBLETS, new RAPIER( puffy) SHIRTS, also SLOPS and TREWS.  FOR
ONE AND ALL: UNISEX "T" TUNICS with braid... full cut for greater mobility,
and long or short enough to suit almost everyone.  All are professionally
finished and should be able to take the riggors of SCA life.
HERE's where to find this bounty:
June 5 and 6-The Srawberry Ren Faire and  SCA public demo in
Montvale  (McConnellsburg )PA
June 11 and12 - Barren Sands War Barren Sands NJ
June 18- 20  Highland River Melees Hagerstown MD
June 25 - 27  Border Raid in  Kentucky
July  16-18 St Swithins Bog Johnstown PA
July 23-25 Southern Regional War Practice,  Eisental PA.  contact info:
email   castadiv@iamdigex.net   business phone 703-938-5359 fax
703-938-7686.  She will only change her schedule if the forecast is for
heavy rain weather, check  Yahoo weather the day before the event.

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