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War Orphans Pity Party

Poster: EmberNAsh@aol.com

                                            WAR ORPHANS PITY PARTY
             August 21, 1999                                                  
                    Incipient Canton of St Georges
    Ill tidings come from the North, WAR!! King Stephan and His Army travel to
defend the Realm. Alas, many a poor Knight and Goode Gentle, can not make the 
journey. Worse news arrives, miscreant Squires roam the Southern Foothills 
with naught to keep thier attentions. As we all know, idle hands are the 
Devils’ Workshop, something must be done!!
        The War Orphans Pity Party, to be held on the 21st day of August, 
hosted by the Incipient Canton of St. Georges, will bring fun, fighting and 
goode cheer to all attendants.
	There will be a Miscreant Squire tournament (odd weapons) to appease 
those of the martial arts.  Those entering the tourney will be encouraged to 
enter one of the A&S competitions.
	There will be three A&S competitions.  The first will be a static 
arts competition of War Accoutrements.  The second will be a “No shoot there 
I was” (best fictional or true war story) Bardic story telling competition.  
These can be told or sung or acted out.  The execution is up to the entrant.  
This competition will be judged by all attendees.  The final competition will 
also incorporate the potluck feast, the OffBoard, Over Board Competition.  
Each group or family will prepare for themselves a decadant feast with all
the accoutrements and table settings. Then during feast everyone will 
circulate and sample each others feasts and vote on the best over all feast.
            For those who love a good race but are too tired, or too lazy, to 
run themselves,there will be a Hound Coursing. If you wish to bring your 
Sitehound,  Please contact Huntmistress Caitriona inghean Ghiolla Phadraig 
(Jennifer Dutschke) at (864) 639-0825
or Email: EmberNash@aol.com.
	During the day there will also be a Boules (Bocce) Tournament and a 
Croquet Tournament for those wishing to participate.
	The site will be Littlejohn Community Center in Clemson, South 
Directions: Take best route to I-85, Take exit 19 B towards Clemson. Proceed 
10.3 miles down Clemson Blvd. Turn Right onto Highway 93, just past the Army 
Reserve Center.
Proceed approximately 1.5 miles on Hwy 93, the Littlejohn Community Center 
will be on the Right. There will be adequate SCA signs.
Autocrat: Lord Takeda Yoshinaka (Andrew Dutschke) 308 Earle Rd. Central, SC 
Email: Lrd Takeda@aol.com
Co-Autocrat: Lady Isabeau Cranach (Brandi Gahrmann) 103 Kay St. Cental, SC 
Email: Gahrmann@Bellsouth.net
Cost of the event, to cover the site, will be $4.00 in advance/ $5.00 at the 
Children (all those under 15 years old) will be Guests of Canton.
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