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an unexpected gift

Poster: Franca Gorraz <francagorraz@home.com>

Noble Gentles all,
 Please give me a moment of your attention, as I have a wonderful tale
 A new Barony was just born in fair Atlantia, the Barony of Higland
 Foorde, and I can only imagine how busy the population and the new
 officers are, especially those who might happen to be about to wed!
 And yet, amisdt all this, Lady Lucrezia di Francesca, Highland Foorde's
 lovely Chatelaine, and her noble bethroted, Lord Adam of Erin, stopped
 to think of a need unnamed but that they foresaw, and acted to provide
 for it, unasked, unbidden, out of sheer generosity: I received in the
 mail a number of wonderful flyers for the Barony of Bright Hills, (and
 computer disk that will allow me to reproduce them later), and
 Chatelaine cards to hand out, delightful to behold and to use.
 The gift, and the thougth and kindness it bespeaks, stunned me, I can
 only express my thanks for it and for helping making this an even more
 beautiful dream, and I wish to do it here, in our merry Rose:  please,
 join me in rasing a goblet to two lovely people and the Barony they are
 part of!

 For Lady Lucrezia, and for Lord Erin, with many thanks and good wishes,
 In service,
 Lady Eleonora Salutati, Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine and Chatelaine of
 Bright Hills / Franca Gorraz
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