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(Fwd) [TY] Memorial Announcement: Pennsic War (fwd)

Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrel@hawk.org>

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For those who might be interested- forwarded from the AEthelmearc list


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>>Ripped off from the Rialto - Akimoya
>>Greeting from the Edward Zifran of Gendy, Web master for
>>I have been tasked to announce that there will be a page in the On-Site
>>Boolet at Pennsic War 28 (August, 1999), commemorating, those of our
>>friends who have journied to whatever afterlife they may have believed in.
>>The Staff of Pennisc War 28, would like people to submit names of these
>>friends, for inclusion in this memorial.
>>Since "this" announcement is being broadcast electronically, the
>>electronic response form may be found at:
>>        www.pennsicwar.org/penn28/memorial/
>>E. F. Morrill             Icon God of the Theatre World
>>Husband of Elizabeth McMahon, High Fashion Designer
>>aka Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, KSCA, OL, OP, ETC
>>Husband of Baroness Elizabeth Talbot, OL, OSC, OM, ETC
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Dilestair fid dy hynt, ac ni rusia ddim rhagot.

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