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One last word about water at War College .....

Poster: jerry wellner <nyarlathotep_13@hotmail.com>


The weather here in Raleigh is supposed to break a bit for the weekend, 
being in the 80s rather than high 90s. (Everybody Vivat the weather now)

But it will still be hot. ANd the greatest need on site will be water.

If you are coming to the event, stop in Food Lion or Harris Teeter or Piggly 
Wiggly and grab an extra gallon. For you. And grab one for a fellow fighter 
who may not be as prepared or a friend who is more affected by the heat than 
you are. It's a sixty-nine cent investment in someone's health.  Please?

And if you have a spare ice chest and room to haul it - clean it and fill it 
with a couple of bags of ice. That will melt by Saturday afternoon or melees 
Sunday and still be /cool/ drinking water.

Also, please be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion. Watch your fellow 
Atlantians, fighters and not. Watch for:

Shortness of breath
Blotchy skin
Lack of sweating
Refusal of water/denial of thirst

If you see anyone refuse water three times when offered and you know that 
person is not drinking water on their own, please find the autocrat 

The Kingdom Chirurgeon will be on sight and tehre will be classes held by 
trained personnel in CPR and First Aid so there is aid available on sight 
for those in the early stages of heat sickness. Let's catch it early - if it 
happens at all. Just watch yourselves and your friends. We all love what we 
do but let's not love it so much that we forget ... it's hot out there. And 
that can hurt far more than getting whacked with a big duct-taped stick.


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