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Re: babies at Pennsic

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

> > *****If I were you I would think long and hard about doing that.  I
> do not mean to seem the doom-sayer, but you may find yourself with a
> very grouchy infant on your hands.  Pennsic is big, loud, hot (or
> alternately wet)and you are generally at the mercy of the elements.
> While we as adults accept this as being simply part and parcel of the
> whole Pennsic gig, an infant isn't going to understand why bugs are
> eating at him the whole time, why he can't seem to be cool, why he is
> soaking wet from a leaky tent and why those barbarians over there won't
> shut up so he can sleep.

Okay...I can tell you that babies can sleep through the Barbarians if they
are indoctrinated to noise from day one.  My partner and I run a daycare
and our kids can sleep through nuclear bombs because the come home at two
days old to pandemonium.  As for the heat, there are places to hide, onsies
are all the clothes needed if you're squeemish of a diapered baby covered
by a loose sheet, pedialyte will stave off dehydration when the baby
doesn't want to nurse, and alot of the merchants (I've heard) have air
conditioning that you can sponge off while you shop.  As for the leaky
tent, okay, maybe a hotel room would be better, but a good tent can take
care of that as well.  As for the bugs, spraying the baby's clothes (not
skin) with a mild repellant would suffice (spray them while they are not on
the baby and let them dry before you put the clothes on--your pediatrician
can help with this).

> In the end, I think that the poor child will
> end up having a simply miserable time.  And that translates into you
> and your husband having a simply miserable time.

Maybe...maybe not.  Babies are incredibly adaptable.

> I believe that you should consider instituting the time honored
> tradition of the summer vacation at grandma's for the baby, while you
> and your husband pamper yourselves with a little time away and without
> responsibility.

Okay, I'm sure I'll be flamed but...I nurse my kids.   The chest doesn't
come off to accompany the kid to grandmas.  Some people have that option
and some don't.  Even when I lost my milk with my first child, she still
stayed with me.  I just wasn't comfortable having someone else care for her
longer than a few hours.  It's your war.  Enjoy it how you can, but I would
plan for a quiet hotel room stash of funds just in case the war is a little


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