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Re: babies at Pennsic

Poster: Cunian@aol.com

	In my experience babies are often blissfully unaware of a great deal 
of nonsense.   So, enjoy toting them about while you can, before they go 
getting ideas of their own.  If your back will handle a sling, it is a very 
cozy way of carrying a child about, and less work on rough ground than wagons 
and such.  Mine was happy enough in there that she could snooze through 
classes and such easily. As for heat, if you avoid sunshine, the baby can 
live in a diaper.  You can put a cloth cover over it if you are feeling bad 
about the periodicy of disposables, though I certainly wouldn't get anal 
about it.  I am actually assuming you're breastfeeding.  I, myself, would not 
be good at handling bottle sterilization and such at Pennsic.  Partly you 
just have to see how the next couple months go.  Some babies get colicky and 
such and others don't.  The main thing with babies is to be able to "go with 
the flow" and change your mind if they aren't happy for some reason.  

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