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RE: babies at Pennsic

Poster: Dominica Harlan <DHarlan@RodgersBuilders.com>

April does have a point, though it is nice to hear about all the prepared 
parents and well-behaved children. I've met them and enjoyed their company 
at war, as I love kids. However, I've also seen noise curfews and behavior 
restrictions for even a camp's neighbors b/c of someone's kid. As an adult 
who pays a lot of money and puts a lot of effort into going to Pennsic, 
especially, I resent my fun being curtailed (or I have to walk across half 
the war to have it) b/c of someone else's child. I don't have any yet b/c I 
don't want the responsibility/restriction, and I'm not at a war to meet 
someone else's child's needs. Nor are all the other people who go w/o kids. 
So if you do take a baby or child, be prepared not only for the child's 
comfort, but also be prepared to have other adults around your kid having 
adult fun -- bunny fur, cussing, loud late parties and all. I believe that 
families have a place in the SCA, but parents need to be prepared for the 
tremendous effort necessary to take care of their kids in an adult 


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