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RE: babies at Pennsic

Poster: Nancy Gilly / Philippa Grey <philippa.grey@snet.net>

Two things based on the current debate...

1)  Some of those people who do not want loud parties until 3 and 4 in the
morning or later may be childless.  Some of us have spent so long on a
mundane schedule that has us getting up before 6 every weekday, that
eventually even on vacation we can't sleep much past 6 or 7 even if we want
to (and even if we didn't get to sleep until 5am).  Some of us volunteer
for various jobs around Pennsic that require us to be up early.  We
understand that others want to stay up late, but some sort of compromise is
necessary, and while 1am may be too early for some to be asked to quite
down, it's a lot later than others of us would like  to get to sleep.
There is no time that will be completely agreeable to everyone.

2)  About a small child being left to his/her own devices without any
parental supervision.  The parent(s) need to be talked to, soon, and
firmly.  They need to understand that this behaviour is not acceptable
either in the SCA or mundanely, and that if it continues, mundane
authorities may have to be contacted.  If they continue to abandon their
child at events, the mundane authorities should be called.  This behaviour
might also be putting other memebers of the SCA in an awkward position if
their mundane career makes them a "mandated reporter", such as police,
social worker, teacher, doctor, nurse, etc. (varies from state to state who
and what situations).  While this may seem harsh, it will not do the child
or the SCA any good to have one abducted or otherwise injured at an event.  

Philippa (going for CT state teacher certification, which will make me a
mandated reporter)

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