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Collegium Autumnis

Poster: Stan Harmon <stan_harmon@hotmail.com>

Greetings from the Canton of Baelfire Dunn,
    The date has been set for Collegium Autumnis 13 Nov 1999.
The site will open at 9:00 am and close at 5:00 pm.  This is a Extremely DRY 
site since it is on a college campus.  As I said before we have 5 classrooms 
and the student center for our use.  There is ample parking and local places 
to eat include a simple lunch for sale on the campus. As more people respond 
to our request for instructors more details will be released.  I would like 
to take this time to thank one and all for their help in making this happen.

In your service
Lord Galen Storm
Per Pale Sable and Azure a Phoenix Argent Rising from Flames Proper

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