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Re: [STEPS] Wild Teenagers (LONG)

Poster: Halfevil23@aol.com

The below email was forwarded to me, and I find it very interesting since 
every bit of it true. Of course some of it is subjective to local and state 
laws relative to location in some cases, so use discretion when debating 
topics that would be affected by that. I could tell you of truck loads of 
times where I could do any of the below, but I luckily share her view point 
on most things. 
Trystan ap Arawdr of Ellesmere
18 years of Age if that question came to your mind

<< From: Amanda <gypsybitch@home.com>
 >To: steps@antir.sca.org
 >Subject: [STEPS] Wild Teenagers (LONG)
 >Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 20:52:59-0700
 >You gotta read this to know what I'm getting at:
 >When I am 14, I can legally sleep with someone IF I WANT!
 >When I am 16, I can take the lives of people into my hands by getting
 >behind the wheel of a car.
 >When I am 18, I can vote, I can run for office, I can & fight and die
 >for my country, I can get married, get a tattoo, even own a gun.
 >Why is it that the government says that I can do all this without ever
 >legally knowing the affects of alcohol?
 >I'm 17 years old. I know the effects of alcohol on my body and I'm glad
 >I do. I knew the affects of alcohol before I even got my driver's
 >licence.It's because of this that I will never get behind the wheel of a
 >vehicle after having ANYTHING to drink, and I will not get into a
 >vehicle with someone who I have seen with even ONE drink. Every teen
 >says it, but not all of us mean it, that's why you probably don't
 >believe I'm telling the truth. If you were to introduce your child to
 >alcohol before they were to ever even dream of driving, they'd know that
 >they have limitations, restrictions, and that WE ARE NOT INVINCIBLE! And
 >not all of us think we are.
 >You put restrictions on your teenagers such as don't drink, don't smoke,
 >don't go to parties, and don't sleep around. Don't lie, don't steal. Be
 >home by 11 or you'll get into trouble. You know what, if we're going to
 >get into trouble that night, we'll do it by 10, if you want us home by
 >10, heck, if we want to get into trouble, we'll do it by 9. Guaranteed,
 >if I want to get into trouble, I'll find some way to do it.
 >My point is, my lords and ladies, if I want to drink SOMEONE WILL
 >buy/give me alcohol. If you want to see my token saying I'm of legal
 >age, I'll find a token that says I'm of legal age. Hey, wait a sec,
 >what's that lying in the dirt, it's an ADULTS token that someone
 >dropped, and never missed. MY POINT IS ... whatever restrictions you put
 >down a teenager will find a way to get around it, no matter what the
 >consequences. It works that way.
 >I understand that I (and all other honest kids) have to suffer because
 >of the actions of others, I have all my life. My father is an RCMP
 >officer, and because of what he knows other kids of done, I'm not
 >allowed to do this, that, and the other thing. My mother left me home
 >alone FOR THE FIRST TIME about a week ago. She had the neighbors watch
 >the house for any one else than my best-friend and I, she had a friend
 >phone to check up, and she talked to my dad's coworkers and asked that
 >a patrol car drive by to make sure I wasn't at a wild party and that I
 >didn't have my boyfriend staying the night and that I wasn't getting
 >into trouble. But to tell you the truth, which I haven't even told her
 >yet, if I wanted to do any of that stuff, like go to a party, get drunk,
 >sleep with my boyfriend, stay up till the wee-hours of the morning, I
 >would have, I would've just gone somewhere else. But I didn't. I'm just
 >not interested in pushing the envelope and seeing how much trouble I
 >cannot into. But since other kids are, I follow the guidelines, stick to
 >[some] of the rules, and work hard for my freedom. Just because I'm
 >given an inch does not mean I'll run a mile.
 >I can only speak for myself, and I'm not interested in proving it to
 >anyone. Most teens aren't.
 >One of the main things I've noticed about the SCA though, is that the
 >the wooden block castle the honest teens have built up, is always
 >knocked down by the visible minority of teens that don't care. (Visible
 >minority as compared to the unnoticed amount that do care).
 >In Service to the Dream
 >The Medieval Teen Site
 >(There ARE other things to do besides get into trouble...)
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