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Commercial Announcement & Testimonial - Great Garb

Poster: batman@loudoun.com

A short commercial announcement and testimonial from a satisified

The follwing is trimmed down from personal mail sent to me earlier
today, and with my own comments added. I hope it will be of interest.

> Casta Diva will be at the Highland River Melees in Hagerstown, PA this
> weekend and I found out that when you buy a bodice or doublet etc.,
> from Casta Diva that it comes with FREE custom fitting -- that's
> right, FREE ALTERATIONS! Imagine beautifully made garb that REALLY
> fits.

I have not been attending many events lately, but those of you that
have seen me -- have seen me in one of the two Casta Diva outfits I
already own. One fit off the rack (amazing enough given my typical SCA
build of far more neck and shoulder for my body type than is "normal")
and the other was fitted on the spot. I brought a lady friend there
last yer for a last minute 12th night gown, and Lee did a wonderful
job of fitting her in one session as well.

> Lee has add gorgeous jewel colored Byzantine, Norman, Viking, and
> early Gothic robes and tunics to her stock -- most have 4 to 8 inch
> deep Brocade Trim and 10 foot long Brocade sashes.  Comfortable
> glamour and really affordable, what more could you want?  Of course
> she still has terrific doublets and bodices, trews, slops, shirts,
> pantaloons, chemises, flat caps and mob caps-in velvets, brocades, and
> some everyday type fabrics, skirts, AND more. Some of the doublets and
> bodices are leather and they are beautifully made.  Shirt styles are
> collared and uncollared, take your choice. There are a bunch of those
> really soft India cotton ones as well as the crisper looking cotton
> ones.
> Here's the Casta Diva event schedule for the next few weeks. I
> understand she will also arrange mid-week shopping at her location in
> Vienna Virginia.
> June 18- 20 Highland River Melees Hagerstown MD
> June 25 - 27 Border Raid in Kentucky
> July 16-18 St Swithins Bog Johnstown PA
> July 23-25 Southern Regional War Practice, Eisental PA.
>          email: castadiv@iamdigex.net
> business phone: 703-938-5359
>            fax: 703-938-7686
> She will only change her schedule if the forecast
> is for heavy rain weather, check Yahoo weather the day before the
> event.

Michael the Eclectic, House Falconguard, Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia.
Vert, on an inverted chevron or, a reremouse(bat) displayed sable.

Armed man = citizen.  Unarmed man = subject.

Of course these are MY opinions! Whattya think, my EMPLOYER
could've thought this stuff up?

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