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Please respond.

Through a comedy of errors (that I seem to be the only one
not laughing at) I have a problem that only you can help me with.
If it can not be done I will understand.

I have been given the task of running an event in March. If it is to work,
it MUST get into the Feb. Acorn. I won't have enough facts about the event
until tonight. Can I send you a flyer via email tomorrow morning first thing
and still get it in the Feb. Acorn? (please......)

I realize this is an inconvenience and normally would not ask it of you but
I am between a rock and a very hard and painful place. I can send the event
registration form via Snail mail but the flyer is the important thing.

Please respond as soon as possible so I know one way or the other. Thank
You for your time and effort.

Lord Micheal Ryan of York