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Gilling West Sword

Unto the good gentles frequenting the Merry Rose at Cheapside,

Lord Brok the Smith (called the magic badger) has completed his reproduction
of the Gilling West Sword.  The silly man actually video taped the process.
 I have been asked by Lady Miriam and Lord Brok to post the following

The tape is about 80 minutes long, and covers the forging of a 
reproduction of the Gilling West Sword, a 10th century Anglo Saxon pattern
welded sword. The video discuss all the steps in the forging of the blade,
but does not go into the finishing techniques in detail. This is one of a
series of smithing videos put out by Michael. If anyone wishes further
information they can phone us before 10pm at (703)439-1348 or write to us 
at  Magic Badger Ironworks,
   c/o Michael Cardiff,
   13066 Marsh Rd,
   Bealeton VA 22712.

or email: 71175.1357@compuserve.com