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The Art of Tourney Combat (was RE:University of Atlantia)

     Corun says:
     >  I have seen a few examples of List Courtesy, and certainly the 
     >  greatest example of List Presence I have seen was at the Night of 
     >  the Heart event in Lochmere, where all the fighters came out in 
     >  their finest. The best display of Presence in my mind had to have 
     >  been Baron (now Sir) Corbie, who was trumpeted onto the tourney 
     >  field in grand pomp and circumstance. But I will admit that this is 
     >  the first time I have seen such, and perhaps the burgeoning 
     >  Fighting Orders will bring more of this to the Armoured Combat 
     >  Field.
     Isn't this the perfect lead-in for Dafydd (of the many names and 
     titles! - Congrats on the triple! yippie!) to trot out Vainglory and 
     repeat the anouncement from 12th Night about the planned alegorical