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Re: University of Atlantia

Greeting Leifr,

I wrote:
> > We will also include the arts of the jongleur and the mummer, the
> > foole and the clown. All of these are performance (note to the Duello
> > Community; good schtick on the field is also a performance).   ^^^^^^
> > ^^^^^^^^^

You wrote:
> Does that mean that List Courtesy, List Presence, and Artistic Deaths in 
> the Armoured Community are not a type of performance, or are we poor 
> stick jocks being ignored again :-).  I certainly think performance on 
> the tourney field is a subject worthy of consideration under the College 
> of Performing Arts, unfortunately, I can not recommend a teacher.

Firstly, the reason I mentioned only Duello is that I was thinking of the
amount of schtick that is done *during* a bout. You have to admit that it
is difficult, if not impossible, to hear anything a heavily armored fighter
is saying to his opponent while on the list field. Because of the lighter
armour and the fencing masks, it is easier to her verbal exchanges in Duello.
Be informed that Henry has asked me to send this letter to the Lady Anne
for publication in the Acorn, and I have amended the line (prior to your post)
to include the entire fighting community, lest anyone take offense at an
unintended slight.

I have seen a few examples of List Courtesy, and certainly the greatest
example of List Presence I have seen was at the Night of the Heart event
in Lochmere, where all the fighters came out in their finest. The best
display of Presence in my mind had to have been Baron (now Sir) Corbie,
who was trumpeted onto the tourney field in grand pomp and circumstance.
But I will admit that this is the first time I have seen such, and perhaps
the burgeoning Fighting Orders will bring more of this to the Armoured
Combat Field.

As for teachers, this reply of mine has put me in mind of someone, in fact,
the very person responsible for the NotH event and the man who started the
Order of St. Mark, Earl Dafydd. How about it Your Excellency. Want to
teach a class on Tourney Field Schtick for the Armoured Fighter? You can
even do it on stilts if you want.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   |  "Have Mr. Labreay mount the 50 cals, and tell him
 Dark Horde by birth |   to watch out for icebergs and take no prisoners."
   Moritu by choice  |         An anonymous Coast Guard Captain in NY Harbour