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Re: University of Atlantia

On Thu, 22 Dec 1994, Corun MacAnndra wrote:

> Unto the folk of Atlantia does Corun MacAnndra send greetings.
> Having been duly commissioned by His Lordship, Henry Best, Chancellor
> of the University of Atlantia, it is my duty to inform all and sundry,
> students and teachers alike, that I am undertaking the task of Dean
> of the College of Performing Arts. The subjects which fall directly 
> under this title are, acting, singing, playing of music, including
> the study of the history of these and the actual practice of the same.
> We will also include the arts of the jongleur and the mummer, the
> foole and the clown. All of these are performance (note to the Duello
> Community; good schtick on the field is also a performance).   ^^^^^^
> ^^^^^^^^^
Does that mean that List Courtesy, List Presence, and Artistic Deaths in 
the Armoured Community are not a type of performance, or are we poor 
stick jocks being ignored again :-).  I certainly think performance on 
the tourney field is a subject worthy of consideration under the College 
of Performing Arts, unfortunately, I can not recommend a teacher.


just my .02

Leifr Johansson