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Re: University of Atlantia

On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, Corun MacAnndra wrote:

> Firstly, the reason I mentioned only Duello is that I was thinking of the
> amount of schtick that is done *during* a bout. You have to admit that it
> is difficult, if not impossible, to hear anything a heavily armored fighter
> is saying to his opponent while on the list field. Because of the lighter
> armour and the fencing masks, it is easier to her verbal exchanges in Duello.
> Be informed that Henry has asked me to send this letter to the Lady Anne
> for publication in the Acorn, and I have amended the line (prior to your post)
> to include the entire fighting community, lest anyone take offense at an
> unintended slight.
Thank you.
> I have seen a few examples of List Courtesy, and certainly the greatest
> example of List Presence I have seen was at the Night of the Heart event
> in Lochmere, where all the fighters came out in their finest. The best
> display of Presence in my mind had to have been Baron (now Sir) Corbie,
> who was trumpeted onto the tourney field in grand pomp and circumstance.
> But I will admit that this is the first time I have seen such, and perhaps
> the burgeoning Fighting Orders will bring more of this to the Armoured
> Combat Field.
Sir Corbet is certainly a good show, and his accolade was most impressive.

> As for teachers, this reply of mine has put me in mind of someone, in fact,
> the very person responsible for the NotH event and the man who started the
> Order of St. Mark, Earl Dafydd. How about it Your Excellency. Want to
> teach a class on Tourney Field Schtick for the Armoured Fighter? You can
> even do it on stilts if you want.
I think his Excellency is also an excellent choice, but I always hesitate 
to volunteer someone, at least if their not members of my Shire.
> In service,
> Corun
And good service it is.