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Re: University of Atlantia

And Leifr wrote:

"Does that mean that List Courtesy, List Presence, and Artistic Deaths in
the Armoured Community are not a type of performance, or are we poor
stick jocks being ignored again :-).  I certainly think performance on
the tourney field is a subject worthy of consideration under the College
of Performing Arts, unfortunately, I can not recommend a teacher."

Ah, that I could only commend a few alumni of the College of Boethius 
back in Caid, one of whom, upon finding himself brutally murdered on the 
field of boffer combat, proceeded to recite Pyramus' death-scene 
_word-for-word_ from Shakespeare's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM ... and that 
was only his first death of the afternoon ... :)

Yours in Service (but not at Twelfth Night, pout!)

Karen Larsdatter af den Usigeligefternavnen fra Skyggedal
Who Cheerfully Reminds You To Be At Fight Practice On January 25
  And Every Wednesday Thereafter For The Rest Of Your Natural Life
  Unless We Are Again Hampered By Todd "Dead Guy" Turner
  In Which Case I Invite You To Witness As His Head Is Bashed In