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End of year report

Seneschal's Report
for 1 Oct 1994 to 31 Dec 1995

Guardians of the Sacred Stone
Seneschal: Lord Micheal Ryan of York
	(MKA Jack Helm)
Membership expiration date 30 Nov. 1994
1013 Grovewood Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 399-3684

Business Meetings	1st Tue of Month
Officer's Meetings		4th Tue of Month
A&S Class		every Wed. night
Fighter practices		every Thursday night

Active Members:30
Overall Members:60
Inactive Members:30

Seneschal: Micheal Ryan of York(mka Jack Helm)
Deputy: Lord Gawain Kilgore (Greg Stapleton)
Exchequer: Ariel of Clann Shadowoulfe (mka Courtney Hestor)
Deputy Clerk: Ariel of Clann Shadowoulfe (mka Courtney Hestor)
Castellan: Allesandro Di Firenze (mka Joel Smith)
MOAS: Deirdre Boolteens (mka Charlene Noto)
Marshall (acting): Achbar Ibn Ali (mka: James Morrow)
Chronicler: Lord Gawain Kilgore (mka: Greg Stapelton)
Herald: Achbar Ibn Ali (mka: James Morrow)
Archery Marshal: Barnabus of White Waters (mka Pat Harvey)

Goals, Problems, and Comments
	As the end of my tenure as seneschal comes near an end, only one has 
put forth any interest in replacing me, Gawain Kilgore. I am somewhat 
distressed that no others have come forward to lead this canton. I 
attribute this to the larger percentage of young folks active and 
interested in our group than we have had in the past. Gawain will do a 
fine job. He is anxious, optimistic, and outgoing. He travels out of 
Barony as often as in and has no problem representing the canton in a 
Kingdom level scenario. He is also rash, impetuous, and often acts 
without completely thinking through the results of his actions. In 
other words, he is exactly as I was when I took on this job and I have 
every confidence that he will fall and stumble as I did and learn and 
walk as I eventually learned to. He is a good man and has the Canton's 
best interests deep in his heart. Unless someone else puts in a letter 
of intent between now and Feb. 1, I will be recommending him as my successor.
	Boar Hunt went off without problem or hitch. The Canton really showed 
it's colors for the event and the gifts we presented their excellencies 
were the crowning achievement in a long several months worth of work. 
All who attended were impressed with the event as a whole and still 
talk about it to this day. We hope to do a second event in June on the 
lines of a War College and Collegium. And we are trying to decide the 
best date for Boar Hunt next Fall. We brought in a total of $2,400.00 
and even with the tremendous expenses, we still cleared over $900.00 
for the Canton's coffers. This was my first event as autocrat and I 
learned many things as did the entire canton.
	The only other item of note is the "Baronial Race". Our Canton has 
three entrants, Myself and Deirdre of Boolteens, Lord Logan Ebonwoulfe 
and Lady Courtney, and Lady Rebbecca the Contrary. Our canton is well 
represented in this matter.
	This will be the last report from me as seneschal of this fine group. 
I thank you for giving me the chance to serve in this manner, it has 
truly been a wonderful experience. Through trials and rewards, my love 
for the dream and my local area has been strengthened.
	Until then I remain in service to you, My King and Queen, My Baronial 
Coronets and of course the dream we all share.

Lord Micheal Ryan of York, QOC