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The answers beg a question...

     Greetings and many thanks to all the gentles who responded to my 
     posting regarding the Library of Congress.
     I have now taken the opportunity to visit that extraordinary 
     institution, and words cannot convey the enormous wealth I have seen. 
     A few gentles indicated that I could get on-line access to the 
     holdings but referred to some foreign entities: webs, gophers, and 
     telnet sites. Except for that last thing, it was starting to sound 
     like an outing at the farm. 8^)
     I was curious about how to get access to a telnet site...mainly, what 
     am I asking for?
     Another question has to do with acquiring books...especially, books 
     that are considered rare, hard to find, or out of print? It would be 
     nice if the solution proved to be economical but the perfect world is 
     on the other side of the fence. 8^)
     Again, thanks for the help.