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Games Tourney X

		       (GAMES TOURNEY X)
			Shire of Isenfir
		       February 18, 1995

	The House of dei Bracci invites our friends and
neighbors to join us at our holdings in the Shire of Isenfir
for a day of fun, frolic and gaming to chase away the midwinter
doldrums and brighten the dreary days of February.
	A games tournament will be held throughout the day,
with additional games available for those not wishing to take
part in the tournament.  We have invited the Red Mountain Inn
to bring their games to test your skill and to provide a chance
to improve your fortunes if luck is with you.  Atlantian coin
will be available, but be sure to bring your riches as well.
Gentles are also encouraged to bring games or cards of their
	Space permitting, both young and old will have a
chance to test their steeds at horse races, so be sure to bring
your swiftest mouts.  There will be a prize for the most
gloriously arrayed steed, so be sure to bring their finery as
well as your own.  A few horses will be available for gentles
who arrive without one and would like to race.
	We ask that artisans bring their crafts to display and,
if interested, to enter in an A&S competition for items
relating to gaming (gameboards of any variety, playing pieces,
cards, and the like).

	As evening arrives, the estate kitchens will provide a
simple feast for your enjoyment.  Entertainers are encouraged
to provide diversions throughout the meal and into the
evening.  The remainder of the night will be filled with
dancing to the accompaniment of hired minstrels, much general
merriment and, of course, more gaming.

COST:  On-Board:  $10 (add $3 for non-members) before 2/8/95,
$11 after.  Off-Board -- $5 (add $3 for non-members) before
2/8/95, $6 after.  We will try to provide space for those not
wishing to dine on-board, but all gentles should be aware that
nearby eating establishments are extremely limited.  

RESERVATIONS:  Lady Catriona Macraith (c/o Heather Hudson or
the local delivery boy gets confused) 1980-B Arlington Blvd,
Charlottesville, VA 22903, 804-971-4961 (unitl 11:30pm).  Send
a SASE for a list of tournament games and the rules.

SITE:  Fluvanna County High School 11am to 11pm.  It is BONE
DRY (this includes the parking lot)!

DIRECTIONS:  From the North -- Take 29 South towards
Charlottesville.  Once in Charlottesville, turn left at the
stoplight onto Rio Road (you will pass between Albemarle Square
and Fashion Square shopping malls).  Continue on Rio Road until
you reach an overpass (there is only one on Rio Road).  Cross
the overpass and turn left down the ramp onto Rt. 250 East.  go
through two traffic lights and remain on Rt. 250 East until you
reach the exit for I-64.  Take the I-64 East exit (towards
Richmond).  Leave I-64 East at Zion Crossroads (Exit 136) and
get onto Rt. 15 South and follow directions below.  

>From all other directions -- Take your best route to I-64 and
exit at Zion Crossroads (Exit 136).  Turn onto Rt. 15 South
towards Palmyra and Fork Union.  Go straight through the blinking
light and remain on Rt. 15 South for approximately 20 miles.
Follow directions below. 

	From Rt. 15 South turn right onto Rt. 649 (marked with
a green sign for Fluvanna Co. HS).  Follow SCA signs to the