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Henry's Mailbox

Well, damn. This is Henry Best, piggybacking a message through
Susanna's e-mail, yet again. <sigh>

The Cleveland Freenet, the place where my e-mail makes its home,
is inaccessible. Mail sent there is not bouncing, so I suppose
it is all accumulating there for me to read Someday.

If you have sent me anything that is time-critical in the past
two weeks, please relay it to Susanna so she can give it to me.
If it ain't time-critical, please be patient and reduce wear and
tear on Susanna's hospitality.

Recap: Next University is April 8th in Rencester. I am taking
classes immediately, as is Deirdre, Corun, Tehair, and Tadhg.
The session after that is JULY FIRST (not June as my old sig
apparently says <blush>). I am accepting site bids and I am
particularly interested in NC and SC, tho I will talk with