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Re: that meeting on December 4th

On Jan 10, 16:41, Dafydd <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:

> >	people, it was (roughly): Henry Best, Daffyd & Margaret, ...
> Brainfart, Greg--don't you mean Dafydd and Elizabeth?  E'beth will be
> very concerned if you report me hanging around with someone named
> Margaret under her very nose (since she was there) :^)

Uh, right. I used to remember Elizabeth's name, and then one day Fern
and Elizabeth swapped clothes at an event to confuse everyone, and
ever since all I've been able to come up with for Elizabeth's name is
"Countess Fern". Hm.

I *tried* to get the Games Tourney X autocrat to have our theme be
"come dressed as Countess Fern", but she didn't bite. Ah well.

On Jan 11,  9:42, Elizabeth Urbanik wrote:

> I have also misplaced
> (uh-huh, right) the admin's email address and have only the
> posting address: sca-east@world.std.com.

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