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Elizabeth, Margaret, what's in a name?

Greg responds to Dafydd responding to Greg:

>>>people, it was (roughly): Henry Best, Daffyd & Margaret, ...

>>Brainfart, Greg--don't you mean Dafydd and Elizabeth?  E'beth will be
>>very concerned if you report me hanging around with someone named
>>Margaret under her very nose (since she was there) :^)

>Uh, right. I used to remember Elizabeth's name, and then one day Fern
>and Elizabeth swapped clothes at an event to confuse everyone, and
>ever since all I've been able to come up with for Elizabeth's name is
>"Countess Fern". Hm.

You don't suppose this is part of some strange twisted plot to get
Dafydd into the Order of the Rose, do you?
"Look Mommy, a fourple peer!" :-) :-) :-)

>I *tried* to get the Games Tourney X autocrat to have our theme be
>"come dressed as Countess Fern", but she didn't bite. Ah well.

Sigh. Not that I can come to Games Tourney, Stierbach's Children's
Crusade is on the same date....

well maybe I'll see everyone at University in Rencester.