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Re[2]: Atlantian brewing trivia

Hmm.... This list makes one wonder WHAT is going on in Windmasters' 
Hill to have caused so many Brewmeisters! :)
Brewmeisters of Atlantia (in order):
 Gyrth Oldcastle
 Phillip of Ghent
 Bianca della Robbia
 Brie Kieran
 Bianca della Robbia
 Brie Kieran
 Allen of Dunwich
 Corwyn Wodeward
 Terafan Greydragon
 Brie Kieran
 Annora nic Chailin
 Tadhg O Chonchobar etc.

(Former Seneschal of Windmasters', but who was underage 
when she became Seneschal, and so has no insight into the
reason....and who comes by the Tavern here upon occasion
only to see what's going on.)