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Re: Spanish cookbooks

Greetings to the taverners.

Tadgh writes:
>      Does anyone know of some medieval Spanish or Moorish cookbooks?

I don't know of andy Spanish or Moorish in particular, but I have an
excellent book called In A Caliph's Kitchen : Mediaeval Arabic Cooking
for the Modern Gourmet. This is a list of recipes compiled from culinary
collections dating from the early 9th to the late 13th century (the 3rd
to the 7th century of the Hijra). With two or three exceptions, they are
all from Iraq, the heartland of the Abassids. The exceptions cull from
Egyptian and North African sources. The book is edited by David Waines,
and includes translations of the actual recipe as well as an Anglicized
version. Most are fairly simple (one of my favourites, Fustaqiya, has
nothing more than chicken and ground almonds and ground green pistachios).

The publisher is Riad El-Rayyes Books, and the ISBN is 1-869844-60-2.
I highly recomend this book for anyone interested in this type of

In service,

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