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[LONG] Grosvenor Lecture Series

Greetings unto ye of the Atlantia-Net!

(What is it now?  The Merry Rose?  Okay, yeah, whatever.)  ;)

	Anyway ... my folks got a listing of programs at the
Gilbert H. Grosvenor Auditorium for spring of 1995.  (For those of
you who *aren't* hip enough to know, these are put on by yer pals
at the National Geographic Society.)  I thought I'd post a listing
of some of the more SCA-related topics.  You can order tickets by
calling 202/857-7700 for credit card purchases (TDD 202/857-7198),
or by stopping by the National Geographic Society Ticket Office at
1600 M St., N.W.  (That's also the general information numbers for
the Grosvenor Auditorium programs.)  Tickets will also go on sale
45 minutes before the program, *if* any are still available. 
Tickets are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged.  Tickets for
children 12 years old and under are half the full (nonmember)
ticket price.  The programs are presented as a nonprofit service
for Washington, DC, area members and interested persons as another
continuing effort of the Society (not ours, theirs) to diffuse
geographic knowledge.
	End of fine print.  (At least for this page ... Please note
that I am quoting from the booklet, I'm not going to summarize
stuff because *that's* where I'd get in trouble, see ... There are
tickets available for whole series, so if you wanna see more than
one thing in a series, it may be cheaper to by series tickets.)

February 14, 5:30 and 8 pm -- CROSSING THE PACIFIC BY BAMBOO RAFT,
Tim Severin, master explorer, navigator, and maritime historian. 
(Part of a three-part series on Quest for Adventure.)  $6 or $8
members, $8 or $10 nonmembers.
This renowned adventurer has sailed a leather boat across the
Atlantic, traced Ulysses's wanderings in a replica Bronze Age
galley, and re-created Sinbad's voyages in an Arab sailing ship. 
Hear about his latest adventure -- an epic voyage by bamboo raft
to test the theory that Asian sailors reached America 2,000 years
ago.  During six months at sea, Severin endured gales, pirates,
and even voracious bamboo beetles.  Join him as he shares a
remarkable tale of adventure on the high seas.

February 15, 5:30 and 8 pm -- THE MAYA MURALS OF BONAMPAK, with
Mary Miller, professor, history of art, Yale University.  (Part of
a three-part series on Exploring Ancient Worlds.)  $6 or $8
members, $8 or $10 nonmembers.
In 1993 this scholar took part in a computerized reconstruction of
the famous Bonampak murals -- an elaborate set of paintings made
at the end of Classic Maya times.  Join her as she illustrates
how, through an innovative use of technology, these murals are
revealing new insights into the complex politics and eventual
collapse of warring Maya city-states.  Dr. Miller's article on
this project appears in the February 1995 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

March 15, 5:30 and 8 pm -- THE WORLD OF THE CELTS, with Brian
Fagan, professor of anthropology at the University of California,
Santa Barbara.  (Part of a three-part series on Exploring Ancient
Worlds.)  $6 or $8 members, $8 or $10 nonmembers.
Accompany this renowned author and archaeologist as he reveals
dramatic new discoveries about this ancient people -- farmers,
artisans, and warriors who opposed and eventually prevailed over
the might of imperial Rome.  You'll explore ancient Celtic
villages and forts.  Retrace Caesar's fierce military campaigns
against the Gauls and Britons.  And examine archaeology, art, and
literature for fascinating new insights into this proud creative

March 16, 5:30 and 8 pm -- ST. PATRICK'S DAY WARM-UP WITH ARCADY. 
$10 or $12 members, $13 or $15 nonmembers.
Warm up for St. Patrick's day with one of Ireland's newest
traditional bands.  Galway-based Arcady is acclaimed for its
remarkable ability to stretch the boundaries of Celtic music. 
With a wealth or music ranging from toe-tapping reels to lilting
waltzes and heart-felt ballads, the band's artful performances
evoke a rich musical past.  The group includes vocalist Niamh
Parsons, bodhran master and former De Dannan member Johnny
McDonagh, accordionist Conner Kane, and Irish fiddle champion
Brendan Larrisey.  Keyboardist Patsy Broderick is renowned in
Ireland for her magical performances, while guitarist and flutist
Nicolas Quemenar infuses the band's sound with the flavor of his
native Brittany.  Arcady's 1991 debut album, AFTER THE BALL, was
hailed by critics worldwide. This appearance marks the release of
the group's second album.

March 30, 5:30 and 8 pm -- SOUNDS OF SCOTLAND.  $10 or $12
members, $13 or $15 nonmembers.
Recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as the foremost
interpreter of Scottish music, Jean Redpath is also well-known to
millions of Americans through her appearances on Garrison
Keillor's A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION.  Also a scholar and educator,
Redpath has spent the past ten years studying and recording the
songs of Robert Burns and is the first to sing the poet's songs
professionally in modern times.  She has just completed the eighth
of a planned 25-volume collection of Burns' works.  You'll take
delight in her charming witticisms and colorful yarns as she
comments on everything from Scottish music and traditions to
everyday life.  With her rich contralto voice, Redpath long ago
carved a solid niche in the world of traditional music.  Her next
recording, a collection of traditional Scottish songs out early
this year, will be available at the performance.

April 8, 11 am -- THE DANCE OF THE LION, with Calvin Jones and
Aida Lu of the Tai Yim Kung Fu School.  (Part of a two-part series
of Saturday Family Programs.)  $7 members, $9 nonmembers.
Enjoy a fascinating look at the unique relationship between the
animal world and the 500-year-old Chinese martial art form of
shaolin hung fut kung fu.  Witness these masters and their
students mimicking in vivid detail the ten animals -- tiger,
snake, dragon, and crane among them -- whose movements form the
basis of the discipline.  Thrill to clanging cymbals and pounding
drums as a colorful dancing lion comes to life in an ancient
Chinese ritual.  Then find out why martial arts have become one of
the most popular activities for young people in the United States.

April 18, 7:30 pm -- SOUNDS OF ANCIENT JAPAN, Washington Toho Koto
Society.  (Part of a five-part series on the Faces of Japan: 
Continuity and Change.)  $8 members, $10 nonmembers.
Enjoy the serene elegance of a rich musical legacy dating back to
eighth-century Japan.  Using the koto -- a large, wooden
instrument whose 13 strings are plucked -- as well as other
traditional instruments and vocals, these acclaimed artists create
pure, captivating sounds that evoke the essence of ancient Japan.

Wow, you're still reading?  Okay ... there are also some lectures
on Egypt, but they seem to be "pre-Period" Egypt.  Also, there is
a FREE lecture (NO TICKET REQUIRED) for the following SCA-sounding
Tuesday Noon Lecture:

March 14, noon -- BALLAD OF THE IRISH HORSE.  Enjoy a romantic
portrait of the Irish people and the horses that have become an
enduring part of their lives.

That looks to be about it ...

Hoping not to have broken *too* many copyright laws, I remain

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter af den Usigeligefternavnen fra Skyggedal
Seneschale/Arts & Sciences Officer of the Embryonic College of (*)

(Still reading?  Heck, you must be a glutton for punishment -- come on 
down to fight practice at
the phys ed building, Wednesday nights, 7:30-10:00, starting on January 25!)