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Lady's Day Tourney on 4/29

The Sixth Annual Lady’s Day Tourney 
	The Barony of Dun Carraig invites all the gentles of Atlantia to come 
forth and help us celebrate the Faire of the Fair Sex on April 29, 1995 at
our Sixth 
Annual Lady’s Day Tourney.  The site for this event is Christ Child Camp
located on 
the banks of the Patuxent River in St. Leonard, Maryland. 
	The Heavy Weapon, Rapier and Archery tournies will consist of three 
parts: the fighter/archer must compose an original poem or prosaic work
extolling the 
virtues of the one for whom they compete; the tourney itself, and, the one
championed must create a favour for the fighter/archer (the favor cannot have
entered in a competition before).  A winner will be chosen for each part,
with the 
overall winning couples being based on the greatest number of points
	The Feast is being prepared by our own Lady Elewyiss the Jew, one of 
our Barony’s finest cooks.  A list of ingredients will be available at the
Troll for those 
with dietary concerns.  If you have specific questions, please contact the
	A&S Competition: In addition to the competitions for poetry and 
favours as listed above, there will be contests for the best accessory (hats,
handmade jewelry, etc.) and pottery. 
	The site will open at 10:00am and close at 11:00pm.    Weapons 
inspections will take place at 11:00am and  the Tourneys will commence with
Poetry recitation promptly at Noon.  Their Excellencies will hold court at
5:00pm, the 
feast will be at 6pm and there will be dancing in the evening if time
permits.  Any 
musicians who wish to volunteer their services will be gratefully welcomed.
 Please take 
note that we have an enormous amount of land at the site for day pavilions,
feel free 
to bring yours if you wish.  The site is WET but we will not be having
camping so 
please exercise restraint. 
	The fees for the event are as follows:  
	Postmarked by April 15th, On-Board - $12.00 
	After April 16th, On-Board - $15.00 
	Daytrip - $6.00 
	Children under 12 are half-price 
	Non-Members add $3.00 to all of the above prices 
The feast hall is strictly limited to 90 so everyone is encouraged to reserve
Please remember that the only reservation is a paid reservation.  Make all
payable to “Barony of Dun Carraig/SCA Inc.”  Send all checks, questions,
and offers of servitude to the Autocrat, Lady Isabeau Gower at 6121 Sea Lion
Waldorf, MD  20603.  You may also reach her by telephone at (301) 870-7220
10pm or through her e-mail: IsaboGower@aol.com.  Please remember to include
following with your reservation:  your legal name, your SCA name, and proof
membership both for yourself and for anyone else whose reservations accompany
	Directions:  Take your best route to Route 4 South at Prince Frederick.  
5 miles south of Prince Frederick take a right onto Route 264.  About 4 miles
the road you come to Williams Wharf Road.  There is a convenience store on
corner.  Take a right onto Williams Wharf Road.  You are now heading toward
Patuxent River.  About 1 mile on your left will be Quarles Road.  Take a left
Quarles Road and follow this road until you reach the camp.