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Mebane / Chapel Hill area SCA?

Greetings, good gentles!

After a long and happy sojourn in the fair Barony of the Sacred Stone, 
the vagaries of mundane life are dictating that I relocate.  My regret at 
leaving my home & friends is tempered only by my anticipation of living 
in lands graced by as wonderful a Baroness as Her Excellency, Cerridwen.

If anyone could provide contact information for the SCA chapter nearest 
to the mundane town of Mebane, NC (just north of Burlington, I'm told 
it's about 20 minutes from Chapel Hill) I would be most grateful for the 
information...  Particularly if you could put me in touch with a fellow 
or sister Free Scholar. :)  

					In a muddle making plans to move,


Angharad Melys, Free Scholar
Sacred Stone (soon to be Windmaster's Hill), Atlantia