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RE: Stierbach Water versus Windmaster's Bre

 On 13 Jan 1995, Hick Steve wrote
> > 
> > It's a plot!  You've heard of Stierbach Water?  Try Windmasters' 
> > Brew! 
> >
> Stierbach water's properties are known to all, and beneficial, when 
> required.  Pray thee tell me what Windmaster's Brew does, 'cept get the 
> position of Royal Brewer secured for members of your populace often.
> > -- Manus MacDhai
> >    Canton of Kappellenberg
> >    Barony of Windmasters' Hill
> Leifr Johansson
> The fame of Stierbach water comes from the original creation of Steirbach,
> and it's first event.  At least 5 couples, attending this event, from both
> Atlantia and the East, were gifted with babes in the following year.  This
> was, at a minimum, the families of his Grace Bertrand, his Excellency
> Reinard, myself, one of Siegfried's squires and Anthony of Steorbach.
 Unto our friends, Janina Krakowska sends greetings!
I would like to add that I was the fifth member of that illustrious 
group, and I have possession of a wonderful image of all five of us 
taking the pleasant _Storvik_ sun at this event.  Although Steirbach now 
is within the bounds of our good neighbor Ponte Alto, at the time it was 
something in the Storvik water that all needed pay heed to.

Writ this also pleasant day in Storvik