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RE: Stierbach Water versus Windmaster's Bre

On Fri, 13 Jan 1995, GreyGoose wrote:
>  Unto our friends, Janina Krakowska sends greetings!
> I would like to add that I was the fifth member of that illustrious 
> group, and I have possession of a wonderful image of all five of us 
> taking the pleasant _Storvik_ sun at this event.  Although Steirbach now 
> is within the bounds of our good neighbor Ponte Alto, at the time it was 
> something in the Storvik water that all needed pay heed to.
> Writ this also pleasant day in Storvik
> Janina

Janina my dear,

   You listened too much to Elaina back then. Stierbach started out as an 
independent Shire, and not as a canton. Ain't never been part of Storvik, 
never was part of Ponte Alto. Matter of fact, when we started grabbing 
ZIPcodes, we realized that Storvik didn't have any claimed with 
Corporate. One beerful evening, in fact, WE thought about annexing 
STORVIK as a canton! Fortunately, we were too drunk to find a ZIPcode 
directory. I'll have to dig up my old picture from Melee II, though - the 
one that shows you, Allanda, Brynhildr, and the coming kids...


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