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Re: It's time for ... WORDS!!!

Greetings again to ye of the A-Net!

Corun had Many Comments, to which I thought I might respond on behalf
of the Committee to Revitalize Atlantian Parlance (CRAP).  The
following definitions are all from THE SUPERIOR PERSON'S BOOK OF
WORDS, by Peter Bowler.

>> Archery:  Belomancy.
>I thought that would have been the are of field or court heraldry. Or is
>that bellowmancy?

"Belomancy:  Predicting the future by the use of arrows.  The future of
  the then reigning British royalty was accurately fortold in this fashion
  at the Battle of Hastings."

>> Board of Directors:  Gerontocracy.  (Hence, all members of the Board are
>> to be addressed as gerontocrats.)  The term only dates back to 1830, but
>> it's far more period *sounding* than "Board of Directors" ...
>That bunch of Old Farts(tm) that runs this organization? (Alright, so
>organization is an oxymoron where the SCA is concerned)

"Gerontocracy:  Government by old men."

>> Mundane:  Gongoozler.
>> Off-board:  Groak.
>> On-board:  Guttler.
>More history on these, please. I like 'em.

Okeydoke, here's some history for ya ... still from THE SUPERIOR

"Gongoozler:  One who stares for hours at anything out of the ordinary
  (such as the word gongoozler)."

"Groak:  One who stands around while others eat, in the hope that he
  will be invited to join in.  A good name for a female relative's
  boyfriend.  'How's your galactophagous groak these days, young
  Jennifer?' you inquire patronizingly."

"Guttle:  To eat gluttonousl; to gourmandize; to show gulosity."

>> (and now head of the Committee to Revitalize Atlantian Parlance, 
too!)  ;)
>And probably its only member as well? ;-)

And Dictator-for-Life!  ;)

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter af den Usigeligefternavnen fra Skyggedal
Seneschale/Arts & Sciences Officer of the Embryonic College of (*)