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Re: It's time for ... WORDS!!!

Karen wrote:

> Just when you thought it was safe to speak SCAdian ...


> As self-appointed head of the Committee to Revitalize Atlantian Parlance 
> (CRAP), I have taken it upon myself to find some Period Words which 
> replace those words that you've been using the whole time you've been in 
> the SCA.

I like the acronym, but then I work in an industry where acronym is a
second language.

> Archery:  Belomancy.

I thought that would have been the are of field or court heraldry. Or is
that bellowmancy?

> Autocrat:  Satrap (from the Persian xshathrapavan, of course).  Or, if you 
> prefer, thaumaturge (with any assistant autocrat being a famulus).

"Where's the list of on-board reservations?"

"One of the assistants to the Satrap has it."

"Ah, keeping it in the famulus, eh."

> Board of Directors:  Gerontocracy.  (Hence, all members of the Board are 
> to be addressed as gerontocrats.)  The term only dates back to 1830, but 
> it's far more period *sounding* than "Board of Directors" ...

That bunch of Old Farts(tm) that runs this organization? (Alright, so
organization is an oxymoron where the SCA is concerned)

> Garb:  Garb.  It dates back to 1599.  It comes from the Italian word 
> "garbo" meaning grace.  Hee hee hee ...

Would that be Greta Grace?

> Mundane:  Gongoozler.
> Off-board:  Groak.
> On-board:  Guttler.

More history on these, please. I like 'em.

> Smalls:  Younkers.  (It's from the Dutch word jonker ... dates 
> back to 1513 in this English form.  A lot nicer sounding than "children," 
> ain't it?)

That would explain that suburb of New Amsterdam.

> (and now head of the Committee to Revitalize Atlantian Parlance, too!)  ;)

And probably its only member as well? ;-)

In service,

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