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It's time for ... WORDS!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to speak SCAdian ...

As self-appointed head of the Committee to Revitalize Atlantian Parlance 
(CRAP), I have taken it upon myself to find some Period Words which 
replace those words that you've been using the whole time you've been in 
the SCA.

A few examples (thanx to THE SUPERIOR PERSON'S BOOK OF WORDS, by Peter 

Archery:  Belomancy.

Autocrat:  Satrap (from the Persian xshathrapavan, of course).  Or, if you 
prefer, thaumaturge (with any assistant autocrat being a famulus).

Board of Directors:  Gerontocracy.  (Hence, all members of the Board are 
to be addressed as gerontocrats.)  The term only dates back to 1830, but 
it's far more period *sounding* than "Board of Directors" ...

Garb:  Garb.  It dates back to 1599.  It comes from the Italian word 
"garbo" meaning grace.  Hee hee hee ...

Hotel or motel:  Caravanserai (also spelled caravansary; from the Persian 
again, karwansarai).  Heck, that dates back to 1599 ...

Mundane:  Gongoozler.

Off-board:  Groak.

On-board:  Guttler.

Showers:  Noyade.  (It's French.)

Smalls:  Younkers.  (It's from the Dutch word jonker ... dates 
back to 1513 in this English form.  A lot nicer sounding than "children," 
ain't it?)

Smoking:  Mundungus.  (Also applies to tobacco products.)

Of course, everyone will need an interpreter -- sorry, a dragoman -- to 
understand what everyone else means ...

I'M *JOKING*!!!!  :)

   Hoping nobody took me *too* seriously (and reminding you about fight 
practice starting on Wednesday Jan. 25 at 7:00 pm), I remain

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter af den Usigeligefternavnen fra Skyggedal
Seneschale/Arts & Sciences Officer of the Embryonic College of (*)
(and now head of the Committee to Revitalize Atlantian Parlance, too!)  ;)