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RE: Archery Reports

I would be interested in receiving these.
From: "Jonathan der Adler"  <JDALEXAN@us.oracle.com>
To:  <atlantia-l@netcom.com>
Subject: Archery Reports
Date: Thursday, January 12, 1995 2:22PM

Is anyone interesting in receiving soft copies of the Atlantian Archery Royal
Round rankings, Atlantian IKAC top scores for each archer, etc.

If so, let me know as I am the one with the database known as SCAAADB - SCA
Atlantian Archery DataBase and would be more than happy to share the info.


Jonathan der Adler                                  /|
Keeper of the Atlantian Archery Lists              /  \      A
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jdalexan@us.oracle.com                           /      |    C
cddn66a@prodigy.com                             |-------|--  H
                                                 \      |    E
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