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RE: Stierbach Water versus Windmaster's Brew

Thanks Strykar for describing the beginning of Stierbach Water's fame
(notoriety?). More recently, the rep of Stierbach Water has been
revived, due to the fact that active Stierbachers have been having
babies on pretty much a regular basis. Baroness Annejke informs me
that her sister is now expecting, having conceived either during,
or just after, a visit to the Shire, so the string is still going --
3 years now (I think) without a break that some SCAdian is known to
be pregnant after having drunk Stierbach water.

Note that S.W. increases the *probability* of getting pregnant by
a *multiplicative* factor. If you cannot conceive for whatever reason,
(e.g. you are male, or have had an ovarectomy, or whatever) S.W. will
have no effect. Some chemical treatments appear to lessen the effect.
Nevertheless, at least one Stierbach lady takes bottled non-Stierbach
water to events in the Shire....

Evan, who generally drinks Ponte Alto water (at the office).