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Re: Re[2]: Acrobatics and vocabulary

At 12:24 PM 1/13/95, Morris, Beth wrote:
>     What is the interest, oh folk of Cheapside, in joining a guild, versus 
>     having a group of like-minded friends?
>     Keilyn
>     (who gets too philosophical when she hasn't had her lunch yet...)
Greetings Keilyn,

   As you know, you and I discussed an embroidery guild at great length
before you publicly announced it in your newsletter. We discussed the round
robin and like-minded friends idea. I feel now, as I did then, that although
that idea works very well in many instances, it is not always the best
choice for people who have "little" knowledge and/or are "seeking"
knowledge. For good or bad, there also seems to be a greater interest in
joining _something that has a name_, rather than a more obscure group.

  Most of the quickest responses to the embroidery guild were of a like
mind. Like me, they had done some mundane embroidery and were really seeking
resources to assist them with more period embroidery techniques and help
with documentation. The more experienced SCA needleworkers seemed to be more
comfortable with the idea of a formal structure and specific goals like
Kingdom Regalia. To create a working, stable group, that pulled in both the
students and the teachers, I had to have both elements.

   I don't think that people jump into _actively supporting_ a group,
particularly a new one. What would be a more appropriate name? When I tell
people it is a Guild, most of them seem to have more of an idea as to what
the group will be about. Was there something in period that was more akin to
what the embroidery guild is trying to do?

 (looking for a nicer name than The Atlantian Embroidery Guild) ;-)