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Re: Re[2]: Acrobatics and vocabulary

Greetings to everyone Back Home from branwynn ottersby!

Keilyn writes:
>     What is the interest, oh folk of Cheapside, in joining a guild, versus
>     having a group of like-minded friends?

I think that you are splitting this hair too finely.

There are other options that fall somewhere in the middle.

To me, the guild carries the concept of highly structured, skill-oriented,
progression-through-the-ranks, formal teachers/students, some kind of direction
(along with the concept of commerce, etc., don't get on me, David).

"A group of like-minded friends" carries for me the image of a bunch of 
folks who are hanging out and decide to go play mud hockey -- not terribly
organized or intent on doing something more than just for the moment;
when it ceases to be convenient, they all go do something else together --
the point being the emphasis on *friends*, not what they are doing.

The Black Diamond Voces Dramatis (BVDs) was a collection of singers and 
actors with direction, teaching and structure -- a company. It was not
a guild, had no internal *guild* structure. But it worked. However, I notice
a lot of you scratching your heads going, "Never hoid of dem." That's 
because the company structure works AS LONG as the driving force is there.
There has to be a certain amount of energy for takeoff -- once a project
has enough interest + someone to drive, it will go -- but it also requires
maintenance energy, just like the mud hockey game.

Nonetheless, I find the informal "company" structure much preferable to
the guild structure, probably because it *is* informal. It relies on the
wishes of the people to keep it going. Yes, it will wax and wane with
those interests, but at least it will never be an empty carapace, 
supported by a framework of unused titles. Sure, the BVDs probably had
several incarnations under different names, with different people, different
drivers. But I bet they all had fun, learned and weren't subject to what
came before them or after.

And those that were in the BVDs don't have to feel any guilt about not
sticking around to keep it going -- they can move on to other areas and
not be hung up with complicating ties and titles...

*AND* I prefer the company to Bob's Big Gang o'Friends because there is
a solid purpose; there is a director/direction; and a sort of expected level/
manner of participation (e.g., if you join a choir, it is expected that you will
participate in some choir-like manner, not sit playing Magic with someone);
also, and pretty important, someone who isn't Bob's friend would not feel 
odd joining the group.

At least this seems to me the most logical for performing arts. Prolly
doesn't stretch as well to everything...just thinking out loud.

>     Keilyn
>     (who gets too philosophical when she hasn't had her lunch yet...)

No worries. I've eaten, and I'm still obscure.

branwynn ottersby
Caer Galen, the Outlands
Atlantian by Birth, Outlandish by Accident, ap Gwystl by the window looking in