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BoD Shenanigans: The Modest Proposal

Greeting to all from Tirloch of Tallaght.

I write this note to you to ask that all SCAdians write to the 
Board of Directors (BoD) to ask them why they are promulgating a new and
radical change to part of the Society's operations without consulting the

As I recall, we had a turbulent AS XXVIII and AS XXIX (1994) with the BoD 
making changes that affected the way we play. Through efforts of many people
from many kingdoms, the BoD underwent a metamorphosis that was supposed to
be more responsive to the membership and we saw the formation of the 
Grand Council and other representative organizations to make the Society a 
better place for all.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion within the 
Society's College of Arms (heraldic college of the SCA) and many kingdom's 
College of Heralds about a newer (perhaps) way of checking anyone's 
device or badge for conflicts with devices/badges that humanity has already
used. Over the last twenty plus years, our research in the Society has found 
many primary and secondary sources to assist people in developing their 
devices and badges that are unique to them. 

This process is time-intensive. Some kingdoms process new devices/badges 
within a 7 onth window and other kingdoms may take a longer time. 

The CoA (College of Arms) has submitted to the BoD a proposal that is known
to many people as the "Modest Proposal" where the source material used for
checking a submitter's device/badge is severely reduced in the hopes 
that a faster turnaround will happen with heraldic submissions within 
the Society.

There are pro's and there are con's to this Modest Proposal. 

WHAT I FIND REPUGNANT with the process NOW is that the BoD is going to act 
upon making the Modest Proposal a reality WITHOUT CONSULTING THE MEMBERSHIP.

I am also worried about the legal issues of heraldic display. The laws of the
USA are vastly different from countries with heraldic law. I know of one
attorney, who specializes in patent law, who wrote a letter to the BoD as well
as the Laurel Sovereign King of Arms, with legal concerns about protecting
the SCAdian who displays their registered arms/badges.. 

In closing, I would ask that we, the membership, write the BoD to ask why 
this Modest Proposal is being done secretly without membership discussion. 
There are far reaching implications that we all must evaluate under open and
rational discussion.

In Service,


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