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Re: BoD Shenanigans: The Modest Proposal

On Wed, 18 Jan 1995, Tom Bilodeau wrote:

> Board of Directors (BoD) to ask them why they are promulgating a new and
> radical change to part of the Society's operations without consulting the
> membership.


> The CoA (College of Arms) has submitted to the BoD a proposal that is known
> to many people as the "Modest Proposal" where the source material used for
> checking a submitter's device/badge is severely reduced in the hopes 
> that a faster turnaround will happen with heraldic submissions within 
> the Society.

> WHAT I FIND REPUGNANT with the process NOW is that the BoD is going to act 
> upon making the Modest Proposal a reality WITHOUT CONSULTING THE MEMBERSHIP.

THe question I have, and it's one that was not answered before, is what 
descisions are we going to allow the Board to make without holding a 
ballot?  I think we know that looking for a public consensus for EVERY 
descision would slow thing down to a griding halt.

I do not necessarily agree with the proposal. In fact I probably don't (I 
don't have the details right now).  You say there is a proposal.  Do you 
knkow for sure it will pass as is? Do you kow that this will be approved 
without furthur consideration?

Those people are there to make difficlut descisions.  they will no doubt 
here from many people on the issue.  I do not find them doing their job 
repugnant and perhaps were are doing a little second guessing.

Opps, my soap box is giving way...  Gotta go.  Thankyou for your time.

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