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Re[2]: Midieval Bestiaries

Thank you, Dafydd, for your curt and honest reply to my Medieval Bestiary
posting.  I would like to say, in my defence, that all information, including
the quote about "learned men" being ignorant, was all the original author's
ideas.  I merely relayed the information, as I thought it would be of
Thank you for pointing out a lot of the flaws in his article.  I for one
thought that including the myths and misconceptions of all of Europe was a
mistake on his part for there had to be a different version of every tale for
every burgh and town, at least in the early period.  Another problem is the
length of time.  The author uses the term Middle Ages, which as we all know
spanned nearly a thousand years.  To say that these misconceptions held true
in all of Europe for that entire length of time is just silly.
But I, however, did not interject these, my own thoughts, into my posting.  I
tryed my best to present a paraphrase (in most cases direct quotes) of the
author's work without modifying information or intent.
I never held the belief that all wise men of old were idiots.  Whereas
Aristotle had many ludicrous ideas that would seem very idiotic to us today
(abiogenisis, for one), no one can say that he was not a genius.  Thomas
Aquinas is a perfect example of a truely educated man.  I have studied and
admired the man.
Now that my name is cleared (and again, thank Dafydd for pointing out that it
was after all, the work of Howery, not myself), I would like to take the time
to thank Alianora for giving us the name of the book that D. Howery so
convienently left out.  For those who missed it, it's _The Book of Beasts_,
by T. H. White, ISBN 0-486-24609-4.  Now we can go out and do our own
research on the subject and can draw our own conclusions.  I hope this
subject is continued, as I for one would like to know the real scoop on the
matter.  That article I found was the only time I had been exposed to the
mattery of Bestiaries, and after seeing everyone's rebuttal, my interest for
the real story has been peaked!
Ever in service,

"I have been hardly more than a wandering explorer (or trespasser) in the
land, full of wonder but not of information."
     -J. R. R. T., and now, me.