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12th. night ballad

The Court That Never Ends
Music-The Song That Never Ends
Words-Lord Wulfric Grimbeald (Laird Wulf@aol.com)

This is the court that never ends,
It just goes on and on and on..
This is the court that never ends,
It just goes goes on and on my friends.

A kingdom herald started it many years ago,
How long they'll keep talking nobody seems to know.

They've called another subject up and made another peer,
Half the kingdoms been promoted and the end still isn't near.

Someone kill the herald, he's done all of us wrong,
He's been decapitated but he still keeps talking on.

The feast has been creamated, the cook sure looks a fright,
I think that we shall all be here come the next twelfth night.

Please do not tell anyone that I wrote this song,
Lest his highness summon me and court continue on.

It's an understatement to say courts been awhile,
We've all been sitting here so long our garb is back in style.

Et Cetra      

Et Cetra

Et Cetra