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A question on cordiall waters...

     Greetings to all here assembled.
     Last fall, I was introduced to remarkable maker of cordials from the 
     southern East Kingdom. At that time, she gave me the recipe for a most 
     remarkable milk cordial--Bainnecker. (I understand that is Gaelic for 
     "heart of milk"...pronounced bon-i-kur.)
     Since that time, I have been searching for *ANY* references to its 
     origin. At present, I have only the recipe given by that dear lady. If 
     anyone could steer me towards its origin, I would appreciate it. (Or 
     if that dear lady happens to be lurking on the Eastern list, perhaps? 
     I believe she is in the Harrisburg, PA, area.)
     For my part, I would recommend her to the Eastern brewers. Find her 
     and work with her...more for your benefits than hers. I don't believe 
     I have seen *ANYONE* produce the quality and quantity of such work 
     after only 5 to 6 months (as of November). Many of her first efforts 
     could easily earn her recognition as a Master Cordial Maker with the 
     Interkingdom Brewers Guild...so make sure her stock gets to Pennsic!
     Once again, my thanks for any aid you may render in this endeavor.