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COSTUMING: Period-Looking Jewels!!! :)

Hi folks,

	Meli was ba-a-a-a-a-ad ....

	She went shopping ....

	And she is now talking about herself in the third person, a nasty habit 
she picked up at a Jesuit girl's school long, long ago!  So she'll stop now!

	:) ....

	Anyway, let's get to the point, here.  Caldor's department stores are 
having their huge January sales right now, and I was over at the one in 
Herndon just this afternoon.  It is dangerously close to my office ....

	75% off on all their costume jewelry.  Pearls, chains, earbobs, all 
sorts of neat stuff.  Hair thingies for the ladies.  Really nice stuff.  Late 
period personas of both genders won't want to miss this.  The store folks say 
it's at all Caldor's, so if there's more than one in your area, go to them 
all!  (Meli will control herself now ....)

	Coincidentally, since many SCA people also do Victorian re-enacting or 
live-action gaming, it seemed a good thing to put out over the net ....

	Meli :)