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On Fri, 9 Dec 1994 kuijt@umiacs.UMD.EDU wrote:

> I'm encouraged to hear that there will be a Wednesday fighting practice.
> However, I am unfamiliar with GMU campus.  Could you please post
> directions?
> Dafydd ap Gwystl
O.K.  Since I don't know where you're coming from I'll give general 
directions from the north and south.  If you've already recieved these 
directions, please ignore them. <G>

>From the North, D.C. area:  Take 495 to the Braddock Road South exit.  I 
believe that there are signs for George Mason University.  This will 
brings you all the way down to campus.  Now, there are several 
entrances.  If you turn right onto Rt. 123 from Braddock Rd. I think it's 
easier.  Take 123 to the first stop light, turn right, and then turn 
right at the end of that short road.  The P.E. building will be the first 
building on the right.  The Aux. Gym is on the second floor, but the path 
from the parking lot leads directly to it, so you shouldn't have trouble 
finding it.  

>From the South:  Just take your best route to I-95 North, and get on 495 
North to Braddock.  That may not necessarily be the shortest way, but 
it's the easiest.