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Volunteers needed: Coronation

Greetings to you-uns,
I have been put in charge of rounding up volunteers for the
Kingdom of Atlantia's Coronation, coming to a camp near you in
April. First and foremost, I will need heraldic-types to cry
the two campgrounds we're using. These Criers will be split
into teams -- no, one group does not have to cry both camps.
For more details, please contact me at my email address.

Secondly, I will need volunteers to help with the other tasks
of running Coronation: kitchen help (there will be two of
them), Guard duty (at the main entrance, before the road splits
to go to each camp, there will even be a guardhouse), troll,
tourney crying, help with kids' activities, pages, attendants,
clean-up crew, and I forget what else was on the list. If you
want to help in a specific area, tell me; if you don't mind
going from one duty to another, tell me that, too. Oh yeah,
decorating the two cabins being used by both sets of Royals.

I don't have a deadline yet, by which to respond, so just
respond *soon*. Of course, any on-the-spot volunteers will be
warmly welcomed :)

In service,
Elenore Spyrling
Shire of Drachenheim, Atlantia
(mka Elizabeth Urbanik, Chatham, VA)