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Re: Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday


Will there be archery??? 
Jonathan der Adler

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Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday
Ponte Alto
25 February 1994

 The Barony of Ponte Alto wishes to invite all its members and neighbors to a
festive birthday celebration.  The Barony will be holding an all day feast,
interspersed with bardic competitions, dancing, performances, games and A&S
display.  There will be a musical composition contest for best Baronial
Anthem (1 prize for most silly song, 1 prize for best overall), as well
prizes for best bardic performances.  Please bring your instrument, stories
and voices to join in.  Dancing will occur between courses, and after the
feast.  Various theater group, including a children's puppet show, will be
presented.  The Baronial Game Champion will be selected at the game tourney.
 More energetic players can try their hand at games like Blind Man Bluff &
Musical Chairs.   All member of the Barony are encourage to bring their best
A&S works so that our visiting guests can see our "many fine products" on

 The site is St Mark's Lutheran Church, 5800 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA.
 The doors will be open at 12:30, first course will begins at 2:00.  This
site is DRY.  The cost of the Feast will be $12.00 before February 7, and
$14.00 afterwards.  Please add $3 if you do not have a proof of current SCA
membership at the door.  Children 6-12 are half price, and children 5 and
under are our guests.  There is a limit number of Off-Board spaces ($5 adult,
children free).   Make checks  payable to "Barony of Ponte Alto, SCA, Inc."

 Questions and reservations should be sent to Kenwrec FitzRaymund (Steve
Sheets), 13001 Mt. Aubern Ct. Herndon, VA 22071, (703-391-5681).

Directions: Take your best route to the intersection between the Washington
DC Beltway and US 95 South.  Traveling south on 95, away from the Beltway,
take the first Springfield/Franconia exit.  Stay right and exit onto Old Keen
Mill Road.  Next at the first light, take a right onto Backlick Road.  The
Church is about 1 1/2 miles down, on the right side of the road.