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Re: Is this happening to anyone else?

Tadgh wrote:

>      Greetings, all.
>      Is anyone else getting double postings or am I just blessed with 
>      duplicity?

I've never known you to be duplicitous. However, if your name is on the
mailing list and someone does a Group reply to one of your posts, you
will get the reply sent to you directly from the respondant and also
from the mailing list because your name is on it. Hence, double posts.
I get these all the time, and it may differ with different mail software.
I use elm which allows a group reply, and atlantia-l is usually in the
Copies To field while the original poster is the default for the reply.
Since this field is implied with the Reply command, it never shows up
to be edited, whereas Copies To does.

In service,
Corun (not a unix guru....yet)

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