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Re: Is this happening to anyone else?

On Thu, 26 Jan 1995, chuck graves wrote:

>      Greetings, all.
>      Is anyone else getting double postings or am I just blessed with 
>      duplicity?
>      Tadhg

What some people will do is reply to your message.  Unfortunately,
our mailer doesn't put the list's address in the reply-to header,
it puts yours.  Some mailers, though, will let you reply to all
recepients, or do a group reply.  What this does is puts your address
in the top To: field, and the list's address in the CC: field.  It
goes, then, first to you, but also to the list.  Since you are on the
list, when it goes there, another copy goes to you.  I'm afraid at the
moment there is no easy solution to this other than manually taking
your address out of the to line.

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